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Not tagging this in the fandom because I just don’t wanna cause a big hoo hah out of this and I don’t want to post this on my personal account because I have people from school following me and they don’t need to start nosing around here but, I regretfully have come to the conclusion that Best Luck Reborn will no longer continue. 

I’m not wanting to start a big ruckus in the fandom because seriously, the dust has settled and this doesn’t need to be made a huge deal of, but I really feel that it is best to finish it. I know from the people who have sent me kind messages saying they love Best Luck, but I have to say, I feel like no one is even reading it or enjoying it as much as the 1st season and I just think it’s better to take my losses and go home. 

Like I said, this does NOT need to be taken further or made a huge deal out of, but I hope you respect my choice.

I will continue to post from this account and be active on my personal account but this is just an announcement that ‘Best Luck Reborn’ is finished. 

Thank you.

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